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Red Drum Carrier

On Saturday October 14th I became a red drum carrier. It was an honor to make my drum, to journey with her, to be able to use her sacred medicine in my Reiki practice, and for my own personal healing. 

First, let me give a bit of the 'herstory' of the Red Drum. This is the creation of Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Pathways. She is a priestess, shaman, author, and a spiritual teacher. On one of her journeys while creating her own drum she saw everything cloaked in red, including her drum. "Over the years she dove into women's healing work, co-authored a book on menstrual wisdom, and found a long established connection between women and the color red. In her studies, she found that in herstory women were the very first shamans and drum carriers. Nikiah has since created a beautiful practice in creating a red drum made from sacred elk skins hunted by natives in her area and the ring of cedar also made by a craftsmen local to her. She has brought back the connection women have …

Sitting with Sha Na Ra the Crystal Skull

September is my birth month; I turned 49 this year. Truthfully, I try to celebrate my journey in this physical existence everyday, but I go especially crazy celebrating it in the month of September. This year in September I did several things that were particularly important to me. I attended my first tipi ceremony where I experienced intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation; healing my sacred heart space, which allowed me to transmute some of the painful darkness that had been eclipsing my heart this past year. I will perhaps share some of that occurrence in another post. I attended Inner Engineering Total here in SLC, UT where I learned Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya, which is an incredible practice that erased years of back pain in less than a week of practicing this Kriya. Then, I concluded my summer with attending a public and private session with Sha Na Ra, the other ancient Crystal Skull; to learn more about 'her' check out this website.

Max the Crystal Skull Round 2

I first heard about Max, the crystal skull, in March of 2014. Then, I had my first physical encounter with Max in October of 2015. You can read about that experience at my blog blog archive 2015, under the title Max the Crystal Skull and Me, dated Sunday October 25th 2015. During that October visit I was the first person allowed to touch Max, and I was able to spend about 2 minutes with him soaking in his energy. This visit I would be the last person to sit with Max, and I had a half an hour to attune with his incredible frequency. It was amazing!!

This is a picture of Moriah, my sister, Joann, Max's guardian, and myself on Sunday May 21st, 2017. Moriah and I are waiting our turn to sit alone in meditation with Max. It is the first time Max has been back to SLC since his time here in October of 2015. 

Meet Max, he is an ancient crystal carved miraculously into a skull. He is made from 5 different crystals growing together. No tools we have today c…

Awaken the Goddess Within

Little girls with dreams become women with vision! ~ Unknown
March 8th, International Women's Day! A day to celebrate women and all we do for the world.

From my earliest memories, I knew my reason for being on Earth this time was to be a wife and a mother. I never doubted that. I am still enthusiastically, and joyfully, fulfilling that calling as I passionately raise my younger children to be open to Life and all of its possibilities for them. I know I have an additional purpose too. It is to be a shadow worker, a healer, a Light carrier, and a teacher of Love, Light, and Laws.           After my vision quest, the spirit of the wolf was in my thoughts for many months. Since the wolf had made its presence known to me in mystifying moments of that night, I want to recognize and offer my gratitude to my new shamanic Spirit animal guide. A Wolf is a symbol of freedom. The wolf calls to me, urging me to bring intensity, zeal, and passion into my everyday life. Wolves are wild animals not…

Illuminating Sunlight

Let someone love you just the way you are. As flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room. ~ Marc Chernoff

(Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY contesting my father's will, trust, or wishes regarding his will and trust with this and any future posts expressing my sadness around the events leading up to his death, his demise, the funeral, and the reading of his will. I am only conveying my natural human emotions regarding the fact that I didn't have all the information concerning my fathers feelings about me, my family, and some of my siblings, to learn of these feelings after his passing was truly heartbreaking for me and my children.)

Looking back over the first six weeks of 2017, I …