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Red Drum Carrier

On Saturday October 14th I became a red drum carrier. It was an honor to make my drum, to journey with her, to be able to use her sacred medicine in my Reiki practice, and for my own personal healing. 

First, let me give a bit of the 'herstory' of the Red Drum. This is the creation of Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Pathways. She is a priestess, shaman, author, and a spiritual teacher. On one of her journeys while creating her own drum she saw everything cloaked in red, including her drum. "Over the years she dove into women's healing work, co-authored a book on menstrual wisdom, and found a long established connection between women and the color red. In her studies, she found that in herstory women were the very first shamans and drum carriers. Nikiah has since created a beautiful practice in creating a red drum made from sacred elk skins hunted by natives in her area and the ring of cedar also made by a craftsmen local to her. She has brought back the connection women have …