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Sitting with Sha Na Ra the Crystal Skull

September is my birth month; I turned 49 this year. Truthfully, I try to celebrate my journey in this physical existence everyday, but I go especially crazy celebrating it in the month of September. This year in September I did several things that were particularly important to me. I attended my first tipi ceremony where I experienced intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation; healing my sacred heart space, which allowed me to transmute some of the painful darkness that had been eclipsing my heart this past year. I will perhaps share some of that occurrence in another post. I attended Inner Engineering Total here in SLC, UT where I learned Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya, which is an incredible practice that erased years of back pain in less than a week of practicing this Kriya. Then, I concluded my summer with attending a public and private session with Sha Na Ra, the other ancient Crystal Skull; to learn more about 'her' check out this website.