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Awaken the Goddess Within

Little girls with dreams become women with vision! ~ Unknown
March 8th, International Women's Day! A day to celebrate women and all we do for the world.

From my earliest memories, I knew my reason for being on Earth this time was to be a wife and a mother. I never doubted that. I am still enthusiastically, and joyfully, fulfilling that calling as I passionately raise my younger children to be open to Life and all of its possibilities for them. I know I have an additional purpose too. It is to be a shadow worker, a healer, a Light carrier, and a teacher of Love, Light, and Laws.           After my vision quest, the spirit of the wolf was in my thoughts for many months. Since the wolf had made its presence known to me in mystifying moments of that night, I want to recognize and offer my gratitude to my new shamanic Spirit animal guide. A Wolf is a symbol of freedom. The wolf calls to me, urging me to bring intensity, zeal, and passion into my everyday life. Wolves are wild animals not…