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Do You Believe In Magick?

"And watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magick will never find it."
~ Roald Dahl

Magick in this post is defined as ~ Knowing and using your own pure power. Magick will always be spelled with a ‘k’ in this blog to separate illusion (magic) from power (magick)! Any time you read the word magick or magickal in my works, you can just as easily substitute the word power, or powerful, because the meaning will stay the same. Power is magick and magick is power!
Magick is naturally a part of who you are. It is the right, and the authority, within you to create the destiny you honestly seek. Magick happens when you live your Life consciously with complete awareness, genuine authenticity, and total integrity standing strong in the eternal truths of kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance, and True Love. You are a glorious and momentous magician! You have…

The Wounded Healer

Wounded healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depth of their deepest fears, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness. ~ Melanie Koulouris

Wounded healers are not born and they are not made. Wounded healers create themselves through conquering adversity, by trial and error, and by rising above the shadowy side of life in order to let their Sacred Light lead their way, while still keeping the darkness within reach. They conquer their fears, and find a way to speak their truth even when they are afraid, and even when it is not well-liked. In doing so, they shine their Light for others who are lost and feeling alone, then in return, their own inner Light re-ignites with a renewed purpose, a purpose greater than they ever could have imagined.
Caroline Myss said, “…