Sitting with Sha Na Ra the Crystal Skull

September is my birth month; I turned 49 this year. Truthfully, I try to celebrate my journey in this physical existence everyday, but I go especially crazy celebrating it in the month of September. This year in September I did several things that were particularly important to me. I attended my first tipi ceremony where I experienced intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation; healing my sacred heart space, which allowed me to transmute some of the painful darkness that had been eclipsing my heart this past year. I will perhaps share some of that occurrence in another post. I attended Inner Engineering Total here in SLC, UT where I learned Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya, which is an incredible practice that erased years of back pain in less than a week of practicing this Kriya. Then, I concluded my summer with attending a public and private session with Sha Na Ra, the other ancient Crystal Skull; to learn more about 'her' check out this website. 

One of my favorite pictures of Sha Na Ra at the public gathering where Michele spoke to us about her journey with this skull and her father's experience as well. Love the blue light! 💙   

We each got a chance to connect with the energy of the skull at the end of the public gathering. The energy for me was very feminine, where as Max felt very masculine. I started the summer off with sitting with Max in May and I ended the summer by sitting with Sha Na Ra on the equinox. Both crystal skulls had unique messages for me and something beautiful to share as well. 

During my private session with Sha Na Ra Michele set up that sacred space around the crystal skull with me by clearing my energy field and attuning me to Sha Na Ra's energy. That was a beautiful experience in its self. Then, she placed my hands on the crystal skull and left the room. I got to sit in serene silence with Sha Na Ra for 30 minutes. In that time I had my eyes open for a while and also closed at times. After about 10 mins I got the impression from this lovely crystal skull to simply relax my eyes, to softly focus them on her, and as soon as I did that this beautiful bubble of light popped out of the crystal and surrounded me with soft white illumination. I watched this bubble of light shine with silvery strands of spiderweb like silk lights that put on a show, moving all across my view. Electrical currents of energy, light waves of varying frequency danced before my eyes bringing with it an incredible feeling of peace, joy, and unconditional love.

Several times in my session I connected with the skull, third eye to third eye just like I had done with Max. And, just like with Max, I had an amazing thing happen during one of the connections. It was like our third eyes were magnets merging tightly together. It felt like we were cemented together as one. All at once, there came a beautiful wave of energy surging from the Crystal skull to me through our third eyes. I sat in the warmth of this juicy power flowing through me until this energy down load was complete, and I was gently released. I sat up straight again, relaxing my gaze at the crystal. Much to my delight, just like before this incredible balloon of light materialized in front of me. As I watched the twirling light display, thoughts about my life came clearly into my mind. This next year is going to be an intensely, amazing year, one of healing, transformation, yet also bringing with it many challenges, which will help my spiritual growth if I will continue to surrender to the process, ~ metanoia. 

Afterwards, when my time was up, I could feel the change in me, it was palpable. Once again, three fantastic weekends in a row, I was able to experience deep changes in me, although through very different paths,  mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. September of 2017 is one I will always treasure. 

The Secret from the Universe for today is this, be careful what you wish for when speaking to the Universe, because 'It' will always deliver what you desire, BUT not always in the manner you would like. HOWEVER, it will always be in the manner for your highest good and personal growth. This I know for certain. 

Even though I experienced these incredibly healing highs this month they were matched by unimaginably painful lows. I have not shared any of the Hell I have been through this past year, this past summer, or this past month. September marks the beginning of my personal, spiritual pilgrimage to reclaim, rediscover, and restore my authenticity, so, I will be sharing those dark days where I was lost in despair and hopelessness in future posts. What I have learned is both Heaven and Hell were wrapped up and given to me as beautiful birthday presents in September. Both kinds of experiences were gifts. I have only shared with you a tiny taste of the beautiful moments I spent sitting with Sha Na Ra basking in the clarity of her still, calm, soothing light. But it is enough for now. 

Aloha Ke Akua!


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