Max the Crystal Skull Round 2

I first heard about Max, the crystal skull, in March of 2014. Then, I had my first physical encounter with Max in October of 2015. You can read about that experience at my blog blog archive 2015, under the title Max the Crystal Skull and Me, dated Sunday October 25th 2015. During that October visit I was the first person allowed to touch Max, and I was able to spend about 2 minutes with him soaking in his energy. This visit I would be the last person to sit with Max, and I had a half an hour to attune with his incredible frequency. It was amazing!!

This is a picture of Moriah, my sister, Joann, Max's guardian, and myself on Sunday May 21st, 2017. Moriah and I are waiting our turn to sit alone in meditation with Max. It is the first time Max has been back to SLC since his time here in October of 2015. 

Meet Max, he is an ancient crystal carved miraculously into a skull. He is made from 5 different crystals growing together. No tools we have today could carve something this beautiful into that kind of crystal; it would shatter.  

I set my 5 personal crystal skulls around Max along with my necklace, and two longer crystals I use in my healing energy work to create a sacred circle around Max with him shining in the center. I mediated with Max by holding my hands on the sides of his face and resting my third eye on his. I had flashes of insight and inspiration come to me while meditating this way with Max. It was a beautiful experience. 

My mother passed away on May 8th, 2014. In many ways I felt like I had come full circle in this meeting with Max, into a space of completion. My father is now gone as well; their estate is almost settled, and a new chapter of my life is starting this year. Half of my 8 children will have graduated and left the nest; and, I will be turning 49 in September, experiencing my 50th year on this planet! 

 The secret from the Universe for today is this, it's truly amazing what can happen when you learn to let go, allow, and surrender by not putting any kinds of limits, expectations, or demands on the outcome of your desires. The Universe will deliver unbelievable magick to you if you will just trust It. My meditation with Max was about seeking clarity concerning my life, and where I am headed in the future with regards to my spirituality, my career, and in my service to others.  The message I received from Max was to surrender, slow down, release, let go, and allow. I am a Virgo. I like to plan, think, organize, make lists, and take charge. I can easily forget that I know how to float. I can allow this river called life to deliver me exactly where I need to go. I can throw my oars away, stop trying to guide my raft, and just float! Trusting in my destiny, and the Universe, to get me where I need to be. Crystal clear waters, or stormy seas, there is a miraculous flow to Life, a rhythm, a rhyme, and a reason for every season of Life. Trust it!!! Trust yourself!!! That was my main message from Max.     

I had a wonderful meditation sitting with Max. I did receive clarity on several issues in my life; and now, my 5 lovely little crystal skulls have all been charged by Max as well, so now I can continue meditating with Max's amazing energy.  



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